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The structure of our work is based on work ordered days, calendars, and task lists. Task lists are developed from team agreed objectives and goals. Personal responsibility for task completion is joined in team collaboration.



To learn as much as possible develop age appropriate personal and interpersonal resources and skills.


“Everyone in EducationalPlus is trying to extend themselves—To reach into the world, extend our knowledge of society, business operations, ourselves, and how the world works.”-Patrick Petrino, 2009


“I come here for ideas and brainstorming.” -Dave Fredette– Inventor and Founder of Reclaimed Container, 2009


“Over this past year, every week, I compute and council. PCI (the Pristine Care Index) is a valuable invention and useful tool for personal management. I would predict that the more people use PCI, the happier we will be.”

-Joel Sherrif, Home School Teacher, Department of Education, CT


“Now that I have left the work for pay, there are still many things I do in the garden and on my typewriter. I use email and still do a lot of correspondence. I find that people who can use wikis, websites, which dangle at the very ends of their fingertips “do” much more than I can do. To the extent my experience and wisdom can guide what they implement, our team is productive. The longer I am useful, in my opinion, the longer my human life value will compute.” –Michael Nixon


“School is my time for learning. When I’m out of school, that is not necessarily your time for teaching, but I would like you to help me make a movie.”

-Will Nixon, Director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer of LOUISIANA SMITH, June 6th 2009, Madison Junior School Talent Show


“Dane’s in Australia, but I would say that would he like doing best here was playing the Moroccan bongos in the punch-out quartet.”


Projects in 2008-2009

Grant Proposals

-Steven promoted restarting the UN Orchestra

-Patrick Spread the Word. Becoming an American again for the first time. This was a discussion and grant proposal which resulted in public distribution, in Greenwich, CT, of our Nation’s founding documents.

-We raised the funding and encouraged the Robotics Program at Madison Junior Schools.
-We designed, built, and equipped a new office. 


We learned more about estate planning and Investing.

We learned how to keep the books.

We created a website to host the conversation on the book and ideas of The Money Value of a Man.  www.humanlifevalue.wikispaces.net

We built, designed, and equipped an office.

We shared our personal lives and situations, and by doing so they turned out better than we had imagined possible.



Share your favorite idea or experience with other parents, students, and educators (in other words, everybody).


Contact Us:

Phone: 203-6180-0622
E-mail: educationalplus@live.com


supports student based learning experiences in cooperation with public and private schools and educators.

Meiko at work.

Patrick Petrino, 2008-2009

Dane Burge, 2008-2009

Sarah Szabo, 2008-2009